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Trần Hữu Tri 

1954 - 2013


Formerly the Dean of the Faculty of In-service and Painting of the University of Fine Arts of Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, painter Tran Huu Tri was awarded the title of excellent teacher in 2010.

Through this close look, it shows the artist's sense of approaching and expressing reality, where the character's spirit is always a priority element to be captured, not temporary "covers". It seems to Tran Huu Tri: despite being dominated by life circumstances, but deep down, people still have their own freedom, drawing is drawing that pure freedom. This concept was pursued by Tran Huu Tri until the end of his life, both in sketching, composing and teaching.


Born on October 10, 1954, Tran Huu Tri studied elementary-intermediate painting classes for seven years at the Vietnam College of Fine Arts, graduated in 1972, and then went to the South to fight. After the day of peace, he continued his undergraduate and graduate studies in fine arts. Tran Huu Tri said goodbye to relatives, friends and students on November 16, 2013 because of cancer, leaving many unfulfilled wishes as painter Tran Luan Tin said: "Tri is a man of many beliefs in painting. . In life, he is carefree, but thinking about his job and doing his job, he is too busy with many desires. Then when his soul was just opened after many worries, he quickly left…”.


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