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Trinh Cong Son

1939 - 2001


Trinh Cong Son (February 28, 1939 – April 1, 2001) was a Vietnamese male musician. He is considered one of the biggest musicians of Tan Nhac and is on the list of the best-selling Vietnamese music artists. Currently, there are no exact statistics on the number of his remaining works (estimated number is not less than 600 songs). However, the number of his songs that is widely known is 236 songs (both lyrics and music). Trinh Cong Son's music has been performed by many singers, but the most successful is Khanh Ly, the famous singer associated with hundreds of his songs and the next generation is Hong Nhung. In addition, he is considered a poet, a painter, an actor and a singer (he has performed some songs of his own composition).


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