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Overview and performance value of Le Pho paintings from 2014 - 2023.

Le Pho was a French painter who was born in 1907.

Numerous key galleries and museums such as LGDR & Wei, Hong Kong have featured Le Pho's work in the past.

Le Pho's work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from 90 USD to 2,369,213 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Since 1998 the record price for this artist at auction is 2,369,213 USD for La famille dans le jardin 花園裡的家庭, sold at Sotheby's Hong Kong in 2023.

Le Pho has been featured in articles for South China Morning Post, Luxuo and Forbes. The most recent article is Asian Arts' Diversity Showcased at Bonhams Cornette De Saint Cyr from 9 to 16 June written for ArtDaily in April 2023.

The artist died in 2001.

Artist's alternative names: Le pho

A Spring Bouquet

LE PHO (VIETNAMESE 1907-2001) A Spring Bouquet, oil on canvas 38.5 x 46.5 cm (15 1/8 x 18 1/4 in.) signed lower right PROVENANCE Wally Findlay Galleries, New York Private Collection as of 1975 Sotheby`s New York, October 6, 2009, Lot 127 Private Collection, New York. Private Collection by Luala Gallery. Saigon, VietNam. *Contact us for more information & price.

Change in Total Sales, # of Lots Offered and Sold

Tracks the change in total value of sales, as well as the total number of lots offered and sold annually in the art market. This chart shows whether Le Pho’s total sales are going up, and if so, whether this is because more artworks by the artist have been offered and sold or because more high-value artworks have been purchased.

Change in Median Artwork Prices and Estimates

Tracks annual change in Le Pho’s median prices and estimates. This chart shows whether the artist’s prices are rising or falling, without the distortion caused by the sale of exceptionally high or low value lots. Using the median auction price offers a more representative view of the artist’s auction market over time.

Sold Lot Performance Against Estimate

Tracks the performance of lots against their estimate, indicating how many sold within, above or below this range, or remained unsold. This chart shows how the artist’s market performed compared to pre-sale expectations. For example, a rise in the proportion of unsold works may indicate that supply is outstripping demand and could lead to a future drop in prices.

Comparison of Artwork Prices Across Price Points

Compares the proportion of lots sold across price ranges to the proportion of total value they generate. The chart shows whether an artist’s market over the last ten years has been driven by the sale of a small number of expensive works or a large number of inexpensive works.

Auction Insights: Geography of the Art Market

The artist's auction history provides insight into the relevant art market landscape, offering a comprehensive overview of the geographic art market.

Top Sold Lots per Year

The artist's auction history provides insight into the relevant art market landscape, offering a comprehensive overview of the artist art market.

Top Lot Performance vs. Top 5 Related Artists

Compare the artist's average sale price of their top works with the top 5 related artists.

Source quoted from Mutual art.

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